How do I reach the fjords?


Ålesund is located at the very enterence of Midtfjorden, splitting in Fanne-, Lang- and Romsdals fjord to the north. To the south of the city you will find Stor fjord with Geiranger at the very end. As  you see, the fjords are right here. 


Ålesund is accessible by plane, landing in:

Vigra Airport (AES, 18 km, 20 minutes)


Ørsta Airport (HOV, 64km, 1.5 hours) 


Årø Airport (MOL, 86km, 2 hours)



Several cruise ships port at Ålesund making it a favorable place to notice while cruising around. To mention a few liners that have Ålesund on their itinerary (links):


Aida Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Royal Caribbean

TUI Cruises

MCS Cruises

Viking Cruises

Disney Cruise Line

We also serve clients arriving Hellesylt, Geiranger and Molde. 


Road Tripping along the Norwegian coast is a bucket list item for any seasoned traveller and Ålesund is the destination for many. Travelling here might be challenging but very fun and exciting. Following roads lead to Ålesund:


RV 61

RV 60

Will we be back in time?

Some of our guest have limited time in our region and we always guarantee that you are back in time for your next adventure. This is especially important if you arrive Ålesund by sea. 

How can I pay?

Booking our services online is the preferred choice. This makes it easier to refund your purchase and guarantees you the reservation. We also accept payments with debit and credit cards. For business partners we offer invoice payments in different currencies for your convenience. 

What is included in the price?

Please read the product descriptions of what services are included and what costs you have to count on while touring with us. For clients ordering services in Fjord Selected a offer letter with full service description is always issued in advance. 

Are there group discounts?

Our booking engine automatically adds any discounts that we might be offering. Discount codes do also apply to our products and services and may be added when checking out your order. ​

Is it posible to ajust services?

Our group tours and excursions cater to the needs of many and we are in that respect not able to make great adjustments to the itinerary. For clients that want to opt in for the Fjord Selected line of products or services, we strive to meet the needs and wishes as far as possible. This is a line of service that not only offers the very best of qualities but has a tailored apprach to make your stay unique and unforgettable. 

Am I covered by any  insurance?

Our insurance does not cover you as a guest and we are not able to offer this service. We are constantly working on making our service the very best and aim to offer a optional insurance package when ordering our services. For now we urge clients to make arrangements for individual travelers insurance and take precaution when traveling. Our team of guides, hosts, captains and drivers will ensure that your time with us is safe and secure, please follow given instructions at any time..

What services do you offer? 

We are a full scale travel partner in Ålesund and the surrounding areas of Sunnmøre and Møre og Romsdal county. Our services include guiding, arrangment of events and activities and allocation of resources that deliver the very best of tours, excursions, activities, transportation, lodging and culunary experiances. We are constantly extending our line of products and services and will go far and beyond to make sure that your time with us is unique and memorable.

What should I bring?

Please see our "what to bring" section stated in our product description. For all our tours we recommend to bring apropriate clothing and gear. and are excellent services for checking the local forcast, to aquire an indication of the expected weather. Ålesund and the Sunnmøre area is a visual feast so make sure that your camera is fully charged!

​Please do not hesitate to contact our team, if you still have questions related to the company, tours or activities.

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